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Applegate offers a full line of advanced hydroseeding mulch products .

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Selecting the Right Seed

Selecting the right seed is critical to the overall success of every hydroseeding and erosion control job.

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Winning Government Bids

The companies that make it through tough economic times are the ones that are able to identify new opportunities and capitalize on them. The key factor in obtaining government bid work is having some financial and managerial muscle.

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Introducing WOOD-LOK HPM

New Product Introduction   Wood-Lok HPM (High Performance Matrix) is our newest and most effective hydraulic erosion control mulch. It is a long strand virgin wood fiber hydromulch blended together with our proprietary binders to create a three dimensional erosion control blanket that adheres to the soil surface. Wood-Lok HPM is made to be mixed […]

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On the Job with Applegate Mulch

Manufacturing hydromulch since 1980, Applegate has established a reputation for producing the highest quality hydromulches available to the industry. To go along with their high quality products is the company’s commitment to product availability and a strong desire to see their products benefit the local communities where their factories are located. Applegate Mulch and Tri-Valley […]

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Fertilizer and Hydroseeding

“What kind of fertilizer should I use and how much”? A good question and pretty basic information for every hydroseeding contractor to know. So why does this subject seem confusing to many hydroseeders? The first thing to understand is hydroseeding is just one of many methods to plant grass and other vegetation.  This method of planting […]

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