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Hydraulic Erosion Control – Application Tips

WOOD-LOK Bonded Fiber Matrix, often referred to by the initials BFM is a long strand wood fiber hydroseeding mulch blended together with proprietary binders to create a three dimensional erosion control blanket that adheres to the soil surface.  This BFM is made to be hydraulically applied through standard hydroseeding equipment and when applied as directed performs as an equal to all biodegradable rolled erosion control blankets.

After the initial application, Wood-Lok BFM requires a cure time before it is 100% effective.  Depending on the weather at the time of the application cure time can range from twelve to twenty four hours.  Once the BFM is 100% cured it can stay in place for up to one year, withstand up to six inches of rain per hour and hold up under high wind conditions.

The performance of Wood-Lok BFM is equal to that of biodegradable rolled erosion control blankets with proven advantages that make it a more desirable option:

Here are a few of the advantages of using a BFM verses rolled erosion blankets:

  • Less site preparation is required – lowers costs
  • Easier, safer and faster to install – reduced labor costs/enhances employee safety
  • Conforms to the soil 100% – no tenting and no rilling
  • Less wind and water erosion due to intimate soil contact
  • Proven to reduce soil and sediment loss
  • Porous anti-transpirent matrix retains more moisture providing an ideal environment for seed germination
  • No pins or stakes are required – lower cost
  • Safe for humans, pets, wildlife and fish
  • Biodegrades after vegetation establishes enriching the soil with organic matter

Wood-Lok BFM is recommended to be used on sites where seed will be slow to germinate, on 3H:1V or greater slopes, where erosion can occur from rain and wind and as a temporary cover for up to one year.

Wood-Lok BFM is an alternative product on any job site where rolled erosion control blankets would be used.

Wood-Lok BFM can be used in any mechanically agitated hydroseeding machine.   The recommended loading rate is 50 lbs of BFM per 125 gallons of water.  Once all of the bags are loaded into the tank the BFM should be agitated for 10 minutes to allow the binders to become fully activated.

Applegate Mulch recommends that Wood-Lok BFM be applied from a minimum of two directions to achieve the required 100% ground coverage and recommended application rate.  The best way to achieve this coverage is to rain the slurry down onto the soil surface.   At the top of slopes apply the BFM 24 inches over the top of the slope and up to any existing vegetation.  This will keep runoff water on top of the BFM blanket greatly reducing the chances rilling.

The two goals of using Bonded Fiber Matrix is to achieve erosion control and to establish vegetation on the job site.  Wood-Lok Bonded Fiber Matrix will work properly when it is mixed and applied correctly.  This requires a commitment from the business owner and the applicator to a high standard of quality and to using the Wood-Lok BFM according the directions provided by Applegate Mulch.

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