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On the Job with Applegate Mulch

Manufacturing hydromulch since 1980, Applegate has established a reputation for producing the highest quality hydromulches available to the industry. To go along with their high quality products is the company’s commitment to product availability and a strong desire to see their products benefit the local communities where their factories are located.

Applegate Mulch and Tri-Valley Landscape team up at the Church of God – Michigan headquarters

The Church of God recently renovated the Conference Center and Grounds at their Fenton, Michigan headquarters and found they were lacking the money necessary to complete the final phase of the project. Pastor Allen was worried and the word went out that they were struggling to complete the work prior to the start of summer camps.

The size of the area disturbed during the Conference Center renovation was over two acres. The area to be seeded is highly visible and receives a fair amount of traffic during the summer camp season. Bishop Allen was desperate to have grass as soon as possible.

Applegate Mulch and Tri-Valley Landscape teamed up and came to their rescue.

Applegate Mulch provided the hydromulch, Premium Paper 200 plus all of the other materials for seeding the two acres. Tri-Valley Landscape from Saginaw, Michigan sent two 3000 gallon Hydroseeders and two of their best hydroseeding applicators to the project. The Hydroseeders were loaded and the hydroseeding began. The project was done in less than two hours

Today, the two acres of ground surrounding the Conference Center is beautifully landscaped with a well-manicured lawn that holds up to all of the traffic that it receives during the summer camps.

Bishop Allen expressed his thanks and appreciation to Applegate Mulch, Tri-Valley Landscape and the volunteers that came to the rescue and completed the project.

In Michigan


Living Water Church – Okemos, Michigan

When Living Water Church built their new “state of the art” church building in Okemos, Michigan the church planners did not budget for the lawn surrounding the church property.   Dave Group, a local landscape contractor volunteered to hydroseed the 3.5 acres with his new Finn T170 Hydroseeder.   Dave used the opportunity of this project to receive his Hydroseeder training provided by his Finn Corporation representative.

Living Water Church was able to purchase the grass seed and starter fertilizer and Applegate Mulch donated the hydromulch for the project, about 190 bales of Premium Paper 200.

Dave Group along with volunteers from Finn Corporation, Applegate Mulch and Living Water Church began hydroseeding the back of the property about 11 a.m. and the entire property was completely finished around 4:30 p.m.  The water for the Hydroseeder was available from a fire hydrant located adjacent to the church property, which kept the Hydroseeder reloading time to about 20 minutes.   After applying a total of eight tank loads the job was complete with applications being made from the tower gun and from the hose.

The church property is fairly flat so erosion was not a concern.  However, Premium Paper 200 was chosen because even on flat surfaces hydromulch can float if heavy rain occurs before grass begins to germinate.

The church lawn came in lush and thick, enhancing the appearance of the new building and the overall landscape.

The pastor of Living Water Church was very grateful for the donations of equipment, materials, time and labor.

Addison School


The New Okemos High School – Okemos, Michigan

Anglin Construction from Novi, Michigan purchased a new Finn T120S Hydroseeder first used to hydroseed the sixteen acres of lawn at the new Okemos High School.   Doug Anglin, owner of Anglin Construction won the bid to do all of the outside non-building related construction at the new high school, which included grading the property and installing the lawn.

Applegate Mulch supplied 800 bales of Premium Paper 200 hydromulch for the project.  The new lawn had to be established before school started the day after Labor Day.  The pressure was on and there was no time to spare.  The hydroseeding took five days to complete and even though heavy rains came after the hydroseeding was completed the lawn came in rapidly and two mowings had taken place before the start of the new school year.  The Premium Paper 200 hydromulch applied at the rate of 1,800 lbs. per acre held the seed and ground in place with absolutely no wash outs in spite of the heavy rain.

The right seed mixture was used for this property.  It was designed to withstand the area weather and the constant wear and tear that the lawn receives from the students during the school year.  Today, the professionally installed lawn at the new Okemos High School looks great.

Okemos High School