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Applegate Announces new Wood-Lok Bonded Fiber Matrix Mulch

Applegate Mulch is proud to announce Applegate™ WOOD-LOK BFM to the WOOD-LOK line of quality wood hydromulches. WOOD-LOK BFM, is a wood mulch designed specifically for erosion control, extreme slope and other tough applications that demand the toughest mulch.

The strength of WOOD-LOK BFM is created from the long strands of virgin wood fibers that are held together by a high strength, nontoxic, hydrocolloid-based binder. This allows WOOD-LOK BFM to be sprayed like a typical mulch and form a mat that adheres superbly to soil. The mulch mat when dry, is porous, erosion resistant and protects the soil surface. Applegate™ BFM even retains its form and maintains excellent soil protection despite rewetting.

To see the advantages provided by this mulch click WOOD-LOK Bonded Fiber Matrix Mulch

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