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Applegate reveals Wood-Lok Stabilized Mulch Matrix (2009)

APPLEGATE MULCH is proud to announce the newest member to the WOOD-LOK line of quality wood hydromulches.  WOOD-LOK Stabilized Mulch Matrix commonly known as SMM, is a wood fiber erosion control mulch designed specifically for those areas where long term erosion control is needed, for temporary soil stabilization and areas where moderate soil erosion prevents vegetation from establishing properly.

WOOD-LOK SMM is very cost effective for 3 to 6 month protection on flat to moderate slopes.  It is easy to use with mechanically agitated hydraulic seeding equipment as it mixes into the slurry quickly and covers the ground evenly.

For additional information regarding this superb wood fiber erosion control hydromulch product please see  WOOD-LOK SMM (Stabilized Mulch Matrix)

Then God said, let the earth bring forth grass …And the Earth brought forth grass …and God saw that it was good. (Genesis 1:11-12)

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