Applegate® has been working hard for over 30 years. In those 30+ years Applegate® has never faltered in striving for excellence. And that quest for excellence has resulted in producing nine of the world’s finest hydro-seeding mulches and a full line of hydro-seeding consumables ranging from tactifiers to straw blankets.

Long before being green was popular, Applegate® has been recycling American resources to save American money and the American environment. With our long term industry presence and stellar technical assets, we know exactly what is important to contractors!

Starting in one small facility in Okemos, Michigan in 1978, Applegate® has today grown to have the most mulch producing facilities in the world, drawing from seven plants sprawling across America. With those 7 facilities we can ship to more locations cheaper than the competition, including international customers, while also ensuring that backup facilities and flexible delivery options are availiable, particullarly when Applegate® is testing new blends, mixes and techniques. Applegate® works hard so you will never be in the competitors dust!

Applegate’s intimate knowledge of our customer’s deepest desires coupled with our continued drive towards product diversification, quality and customer support has gained us the reputation of being the mulch that can be trusted – trusted to get the job done, trusted to be honest and, trusted to be there for any and all of our customers needs.

That’s why more and more hydro-seeding contractors are declaring Applegate® to be the highest quality mulch on the market today, why more and more landscape architects and golf course specifiers are asking for Applegate® and why Applegate’s share continues to increase while others are in decline. In fact testimonials such as the following are common with Applegate® Mulch:

“I thought slow reloads and plugging were just part of hydroseeding. Then I tried a load of Applegate Hydro-seeding Mulch and saw how much more we could get done in a day!” M.S., Hydro-seeder


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