Erosion Control

Our engineers are concerned about quality and your end results. We never leave good enough alone. Our bull-headedness about making a better, “smarter”, hydraulic erosion control mulch is real and you will notice it with every bale that you use. Erosion control professionals expect more from Applegate Mulch and we go to extremes to deliver on that expectation.

Our fiberization process is not a blast of blazing heat like the other guys use. Our virgin wood fiber mulch, you could say, is slow roasted. This simply allows for a better quality product. It takes more time to process, but the end results and quality are worth it. Our name and reputation is on every bale that we produce and so is yours. We take this very seriously. We KNOW that our customers prefer working with our erosion control products and you will too.

We listen. We teach. We advise.  We can help you with questions about our products, we can provide instructions on how to use them in your brand of hydro-seeder and on your specific job site. We never stop serving you.

It is always smarter to use a better quality product that does a better job from a company that will stand behind you.


    WOOD-LOK  HPM (High Performance Matrix) consists of specially processed long strand virgin wood fibers along with our proprietary high-strength, fast curing organic binder.  This combination gives superior erosion protection without the addition of man-made, non-biodegradable synthetic fibers. Wood-Lok HPM is applied like mulch and forms a blanket that adheres to the soil surface immediately upon application.   The blanket helps retain soil moisture, is porous, erosion resistant and protects the soil surface from water and wind erosion.  The mulch blanket retains its integrity and protects the soil for well beyond twelve months.  

    WOOD-LOK BFM is the superior bonded fiber matrix used for soil erosion control.   It controls erosion more effectively than rolled erosion control blankets, sod and other competitive brands of BFM.   The porous mulch mat forms a water absorbing, anti-transpirant, breathable matrix designed to provide the perfect environment for seed germination

    WOOD-LOK SMM is a stabilized mulch matrix system specifically designed for temporary soil stabilization and erosion control on construction areas where the soil has been disturbed.   It is very cost effective for up to 6 months of  protection on flat to medium slopes.  On the ground the wood fibers twist and lock with the soil as they cure.  The proprietary cross-linked tackifier and wood fibers form a strong soil bond that provides increased erosion protection.