Applegate Mulch is concerned about quality and your end results. We never leave good enough alone. Our bull-headedness about making a better, “smarter”, hydraulic mulch is real and you will notice it with every bale that you use. Hydroseeding and landscape professionals expect more from Applegate Mulch and we go to extremes to deliver on that expectation.

Our fiberization process is not a blast of blazing heat like the other guys use. Our virgin wood fiber mulch, you could say, is slow roasted. This simply allows for a better quality product. It takes more time to process, but the end results and quality are worth it. Our name and reputation is on every bale that we produce and so is yours. We take this very seriously. We KNOW that our customers prefer working with our erosion control products and you will too.

We listen. We teach. We advise.  We can help you with questions about our products, we can provide instructions on how to use them in your brand of hydro-seeder and on your specific job site. We never stop serving you.

It is always smarter to use a better quality product that does a better job from a company that will stand behind you.


    WOOD-LOK™ 300
    WOOD-LOK 300 is a natural virgin wood fiber mulch with organic tackifier for use in hydraulic planting.   It is a high quality 100% virgin wood fiber hydroseeding mulch manufactured under constant production control checks.   It is manufactured for optimum performance through a fiberization process of high temperature, steam, dying and drying.

    WOOD-LOK™ 100
    WOOD-LOK 100 hydromulch is manufactured from virgin, fresh cut, selected, clean pine and poplar wood chips and meets or exceeds specifications and standards typical for Wood Fiber Hydromulch.  When applied Wood-Lok 100 fibers twist and lock with each other as they cure.  This forms a protective mulch mat that aids in erosion control, holding the seeds in place, and providing an excellent environment for seed germination.      

    Every order of Wood-Lok Blend 100 is custom blended to our customer's specifications.  This high quality hydromulch is produced from the highest quality virgin poplar and pine wood chips, blended with clean, 100% recycled paper products for use in hydroseeding and erosion control applications.

    HYDRO-LOK  provides the hydro-seeding professional with the most desired features looked for in a hydromulch - Color, Coverage and Cost.  With Hydro-Lok  you get all 3!  How?  By using a secondary wood-based fiber product that is 100% recycled, environmentally safe, and ecologically preferred.  In addition, Hydro-Lok is a great landfill daily cover solution when used with a daily cover chemical.

    PREMIUM PAPER 200 with tackifier is manufactured without adding water in the process.  In fact, our manufacturing process reduces moisture content to a staggering low 7% by weight!  That means that 200 lbs more fiber for every ton, or 10% more mulch for the money compared to most other national brands!

    PREMIUM PAPER 100 will increase your productivity and profits because our mulch mixes quickly reducing tank loading time.  On the ground Premium Paper 100 produces a true mulch blanket that helps to prevent soil erosion and provides an optimal environment for seed germination.  In addition, Premium Paper is a great solution as a Landfill daily cover mulch when blended with a daily cover chemical.