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Premium Paper Mulch – Why 33 lb. bale?

Have you ever wondered why our Premium Paper Mulch is packaged in an Odd Sized bale?

Premium Paper Mulch contains more mulch fiber per pound than any other brand of hydromulch.


Because water is not added during the dying phase of the manufacturing process. Our 33 pound bale is actually equal to 40 pounds of any other hydromulch product on the market today. So when you are loading your tank with Premium Paper Mulch, just think of it as being 40 pound bales.

Also, more mulch fibers mean better performance on the ground. This is why Premium Paper Mulch forms a True Mulch Blanket that helps prevent soil erosion and provides an optimal environment for seed germination and plant establishment.

Made from high quality recycled newsprint, Premium Paper Mulch can be used in both mechanical and jet agitated hydroseeding equipment.

If you have never used Premium Paper Mulch before and would like to try it, please reply to this email or call us at 800-627-7536 to receive up to 8 free bales.