Applegate Mulch has products that can be used as daily cover and for re-vegetation on landfills. Our bull-headedness about making better, “smarter”, mulches for landfill use is real and you will notice it with every bale that you use. Landfills all over the world expect more from Applegate Mulch and we go to extremes to deliver on that expectation.

Our cellulose products are used extensively with daily cover chemicals.  This combination covers and seals the open face until the next working day saving time, expense and airspace. Our erosion control mulches will control soil erosion on slopes and other areas ready for permanent vegetative cover for up to 12 months.

Our name and reputation is on every bale that we produce and we take this very seriously. We KNOW that our customers prefer working with our landfill products and you will too.

We listen. We teach. We advise.  We can help you with questions about our products, we can provide instructions on how to use them in your brand of hydro-seeder and on your specific job site. We never stop serving you.

It is always smarter to use a better quality product that does a better job from a company that will stand behind you.


Daily Cover