Product Overview

Mechanical Fibers, are specially coated to improve the bonding strength of Applegate hydro-seeding mulches.   These Fibers improve the performance of hydro-seeding mulches by providing a mechanical adhesion of fibers resulting from the fibers long length.  This reduces the need for chemical tackifiers, and extends the longevity of fiber mulch hydration.

Improves the bonding strength of hydromulches
Mechanically binds fibers to fibers and fibers to soil particles
Reduces the need for chemical tackifiers

White Coarse Powder & Fiber Mix.

Available in 50 lb cases of 10 x 5lbs. bags

Mechanical Fibers are manufactured from 100% virgin Polyester and has the following physical characteristics:

Cut Length: 6mm, 12mm, 19mm, 25mm
Denier: 6 (5-7)
Color: White
Fibers per lb. (at ¾”): 30 million
Bulk Density: 25-28 lbs./ cubic foot (approximate)
Melting Point, C: 46
Tensile Strength: 75-79 psi
Elongation: 12% avg.
Specific Gravity: 1.38
Heat Conductivity: Low
Electrical Conductivity: Low
Water Absorption: 0.2%

Recommended Application Rates
20 lbs per acre when used without a chemical tackifier
10 lbs per acre when used with a chemical tackifier

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