100% Recyled Cellulose

Product Overview

PREMIUM PAPER 100 is manufactured without adding water in the process.  In fact, our manufacturing process reduces moisture content to a staggering  7% by weight, which means there is 200 lbs more mulch fiber in every ton, or 10% more mulch for the money compared to most other national brands.   Premium Paper 100 provides you the lowest cost!


High moisture mulches have a high risk of mold growth, which can dramatically lower germination rates and cause many other problems.  Premium Paper 100 has an incredibly low moisture content, which naturally inhibits mold growth that can cause hard chunks that clog pumps, hoses and nozzles, plus our superb quality control process virtually eliminates all other debris clogging materials.


Our premium cellulose fibers increase your productivity and profits because our mulch mixes quickly reducing tank loading time.


On the ground Premium Paper 100 produces a true mulch blanket that helps to prevent soil erosion and provides an optimal environment for seed germination.


Premium Paper 100 is packaged in our exclusive 33 lb. bale.  It can be used in any brand of hydroseeding equipment because the mulch breaks up easily and wets quickly, speeding up your loading time and increasing your productivity.  The full size fibers provide better coverage and better results than any pourable or pelletized mulch product on the market today.


The 33 lb easy to handle bales, reduce the risk of injury and workman’s compensation claims.  Less compression in the bales allow the fibers to fully expand in your slurry, providing better coverage.  There is a green dye pack included in every bale.







For use on flat surfaces to 6H:1V slopes
Mulch fibers provide a stable environment for seeds to germinate
Can be used in jet agitated and mechanical agitated hydroseeding machines
Vivid green color assists with an efficient and even application
Mixes quickly and easily
100% hand sorted recycled newsprint
More mulch per pound due to low moisture content
Packaged in 33 lb bags – easier to handle bales
Premium Paper is equivalent to 40 lbs. of all competitive brands
Low moisture means cleaner mulch – less chance of mold and mildew forming in the bag.
Seven manufacturing plants in the United States – allow Applegate to boast the lowest average freight cost in the industry

Bale weight: 33 lbs.
Water holding capacity approx.: 9 to 1
Moisture content: 7%±2%
Ash Content: 1.6% max.
PH Range: 6.0± 1.0
Dye: Green and safe for the environment, humans, animals and fish

Minimum recommended rate: 1,500 lbs per acre on Flat to 6H:1V slopes

33 lbs to 100 gallon of water.

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