CUSTOM BLENDED - Virgin Wood Fiber and Recycled Paper

Product Overview

Wood-Lok Blend 100 is produced from the highest quality virgin poplar and pine wood chips then blended with clean, 100% recycled paper products for use in hydroseeding and erosion control applications.


The percent of virgin wood fiber and clean recycled paper in each bag is determined by our customers as each order is made to the individual customer’s requirements.


When Wood-Lok Blend 100 is applied the fibers interlock forming a protective mulch mat to aid in erosion control, holding seeds in place and providing an ideal environment for seed germination.


Wood-Lok Blend 100 begins as clean whole pine and poplar wood chips from the forests of the Eastern United States.   The wood fibers are separated in a special defibration process, using steam, pres­sure, and rubbing action.  This process turns the wood chips into fibers.  Safe biodegradable green dye is added and the fibers go through a special treatment to increase water holding capacity.   The wood fibers then go through a high-tem­perature drying and baking process.


Clean milled paper content is added and the finished mulch is bagged, weighed and subjected to a rigorous sampling and quality control testing before shipment.


Wood-Lok Blend 100 is a superior product from the leader in recycled forest products.



Forms a stable mulch mat holding seeds in place
Recommended for use on flat to 5H:1V slopes
Biodegradeable and safe to use around humans, pets and wildlife
Vibrant green color allows for efficient and even application
Easy to pump / performs great on the ground
Loads quickly and easily into any mechanical paddle agitated hydroseeding machine
Made from selected, fresh cut Pine and Poplar whole wood chips (virgin wood) and 100% recycled paper
Our patented manufacturing process includes extreme heat, steam, pressure and mechanical defibration producing the finest sterile, toxin free mulch for seeding and erosion control
No growth inhibiting factors
Packaged in 50 lb. heavy plastic bags with UV inhibitor
Green dye is safe and aides in an even application of the products
Mixes quickly and easily in any mechanical paddle agitated hydroseeding machine
Safe for use around humans, pets, wildlife and fish

Moisture Content: 12.0% plus/minus 3.0%
Organic Matter: 96.0% plus/minus 0.5% (oven dried basis)
Ash content: 4.0% plus/minus 0.5% (oven dried basis)
Wood fiber content: oven dried basis
Clean paper fiber content: oven dried basis
pH @ 3% concentration: 5.0 plus/minus 0.5
Water holding capacity: min 1,250 gms. (per 100 grams oven dried fiber)
Color: Green
Material Safety Data Class: Naturally Occurring Material

See detailed MSDS materials for additional information

Wood-Lok Blend 100 is compressed and protected in UV-resistant 50 pound (22.7kg) easy to open, easy-loading bags, measuring 9 x 19 x 27 inches (23 x 48 x 69 cm). 40 bags are included in each stretch-wrapped pallet.


1,500 lbs./acre — flat to 5H: 1V slopes
1,800 lbs./acre — 4H: 1V slopes
For steeper slopes, consult an Applegate Mulch dealer for advice on consumables that can ve added or other mulches that are more sutable to these conditions.


50 lbs per 100 gallons of water / tower gun application
45 lbs per 100 gallons of water / hose application

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