Product Overview

WOOD-LOK SMM is a stabilized mulch matrix system specifically designed for temporary soil stabilization and erosion control on construction areas where the soil has been disturbed.   It is very cost effective for up to 6 months of  protection on flat to medium slopes. This easy to use mulch matrix easily mixes in a slurry and can be applied to the soil with standard hydraulic planting equipment.


Wood-Lok SMM consists of a proprietary cross-linked tackifier that is blended with long strand virgin wood fibers.   The mulch matrix is mixed like a hydromulch and when sprayed it forms a mat that conforms and adheres to the soil.  The porous, anti-transpirant erosion resistant matrix mat protects the soil surface and holds soil particles in place immediately after application.  The mat strength improves with curing time and retains its tensile strength and soil protection even through repeated rains.


On the ground the wood fibers twist and lock with the soil as they cure.  The proprietary cross-linked tackifier and wood fibers form a strong soil bond that provides increased erosion protection.





• Ideal for building pads and slopes where temporary erosion protection is required
• Lower cost as compared to rolled erosion control blankets or sod
• Strong soil-bonding fibers for increased soil stabilization
• Mat retains integrity after repeated rains
• High temperature steam processing sterilizes the fiber
• Proprietary tackifier is mixed with the long strand wood fiber during the manufacturing process to insure performance and compliance
• Made from selected, fresh cut, clean, whole pine and poplar chips
• Mixes quickly in hydroseeding equipment
• All ingredients stay in uniform suspension during the application process
• On the ground SMM provides a favorable environment for seed germination
• Green color assists the applicator in applying an even application
• No germination or growth inhibiting factor
100% biogradable and environmentally safe to humans, pets, wildlife and fish

WOOD-LOK SMM is manufactured to specific fiber sizes in a high temperature environment to provide superior job-site performance.

Fibrils and fiber bundles are refined to intertwine with each other, increasing the strength of the mat when sprayed on the soil. A cross-linked, non-toxic tackifier is uniformly blended with the fiber during manufacture to make a strong, erosion-resistant mat after spraying and drying.

Composition: Refined virgin wood fiber: (total weight basis) 95%
Tackifier: (total weight basis) 5%
Moisture content (total weight basis): 12% ± 3%
Water holding capacity (per 100 grams oven dry fiber): min 1,250 gms.
Color: Green
Material Safety Data Class: Naturally occurring material

WOOD-LOK SMM is sealed in heavy duty plastic bags with a UV inhibitor.
Each bag weighs 50 lbs. (22.7 kg) net and measures 9 x 19 x 27 inches.
There are 40 bags per pallet, which are tightly stretch-wrapped into a unit.


2,500 lbs/acre -- flat to 3H: 1V slopes.
3,000 lbs/acre --2.5H: 1V slopes

Apply the stabilized mulch matrix from two opposing directions to make a uniform mat over the soil surface


50 lbs per 125 gallon of water

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