Product Overview

ULT-TAC is a high performance tackifier and the key ingredient in creating a bonded fiber matrix slurry.


Ult-Tac works great with any hydromulch and it mixes quickly into the slurry.


Ult-Tac combines the characteristics of an organic guar based tackifier and the mechanical bonding of the long strand Mechanical Fibers to thicken and hold fiber mulch in place on the steepest of slopes.   It creates a stabilized fiber matrix material when added to fiber mulch at a fraction of the cost compared to other spray-on erosion control products.


Ult-Tac creates a fluffy mulch material which allows more oxygen and moisture to reach the soil and its slow degradation provides long lasting stabilization.



High performance tackifier
Creates a BFM slurry
Can be used with any hydromulch
Mixes quickly into the slurry
Controls erosion on the steepest slopes
Low cost additive / High performance
Slow to degrade
Safe for the environment, humans, pets, wildlife and fish


Cases: 4 x 7.5 lbs bags


When used with hydromulch: 7.5 lbs per 800 gallons

- Flat Slope: 30 lbs per acre
- Moderate Slope: 60 lbs to 90 lbs per acre
- Severe Slope: 90 lbs per acre

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