Why do we call our mulch “The Smarter Mulch”?

For several good reasons:

1. Our engineers are concerned about quality and your end results.   They never leave good enough alone.  Their bull-headedness about making a better, “smarter”, mulch is real and you will notice it with every bag you use.  Hydoseeding and Erosion Control experts expect more from Applegate and we go to extremes to deliver on that expectation.

2. Our fiberization process is not a blast of blazing heat like the other guys use.  Our mulch, you could say, is slow roasted.  This allows for simply a better quality mulch.  It takes more time to process, but the end results and quality are worth it.  Our name and reputation is on every bag and so is yours.  We KNOW that our customers prefer working with our hydromulch and you will too.

3. We listen.  Yes, seriously listen to our customers.  We teach.  We advise.  We never stop serving you.  We had guys in the field call us in the middle of a job with a question and we take care of them.

4. It is always smarter to use a better quality product that does a better job – from a company that will stand behind you.